Who We Are

As founders of Coastal Pay and leaders in merchant processing for the CBD industry, our clients strived for the highest quality in their products. As a result, Coastal Labs was founded as an exclusive provider for our clients. With limited clientele coupled with the highest standards, we were able to focus purely on quality and efficiency and is ready to bring such standards into the open market.

Our Services

From extraction services to purchasing wholesale, we got you covered.

Have your own biomass that you want to extract? We have state of the art extraction equipment to maximize the efficiencies of what you bring. Or purchase biomass from our partnering local farmers who focus is only on the highest quality genetics and we’ll process it for you.
Wholesale Distribution
Looking to purchase in bulk? Our equipment capacity can satisfy your high volume orders so your business has no downtime.
Specialized Extractions
Every customer has specific needs, we’re here to give you what you want. The industry is always evolving why can’t we? We focus on the most specialized extraction techniques and methods for accuracy and purity.
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBG Isolate
  • CBN Isolate
  • CBG Distillate
  • CBN Distillate
  • Broad Spectrum / THC Free Distillate
  • Full Spectrum
  • Crystal Resistant Distillate
  • Crude
  • Winterized Crude
  • Water Soluble
  • Smokeable Flower
  • Feminized Seeds

Blog Posts

The best way to know if you are purchasing high-quality bulk hemp is to ask a lot of questions. Each supplier should have access to the lab results but direct communication with the lab would be one step ahead. Whether you need a full spectrum distillate or a pure CBD isolate, finding the highest quality...

Cannabis concentrates are weighed and priced by the amount of active cannabinoids, usually measured in milligrams. Any amount of cannabinoids that is over 1 kilogram would be considered bulk or wholesale. Before you order bulk CBD, Distillate or Full Spectrum hemp oil, make sure you understand weights and potency. CBD isolate is measured by how...

Over 50 years have passed since scientists in Israel discovered the psychoactive molecule they called Tetrahydrocannabinol. This cannabis compound is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant. Some find relief from using high amounts of concentrated THC, but many people experience intense psychoactive effects that could even be hallucinogenic....

We focus only on extracting from the highest quality industrial hemp, and by combining that with the most talented extractors and state-of-the-art technology, purity becomes reality.

The Coastal Standard

Why Choose Us?

Full Transparency
At Coastal Labs, we provide detailed reports to help you gauge scalability so you can keep your business running at the highest efficiency.
A lab you can grow with
We invest heavily in expanding our business so you can expand yours. Whether you’re just starting out or already looking to exponentially grow, we work with businesses of all sizes to help get you to where you want to be.
Split agreements
Not everyone has capital to toll, we work with farms to toll for split of the product so you can keep your money in your pocket.
Time is of the essence
We beat your deadline. Worried about missed deliveries? Don’t be. Your product will get to you on-time where you want it.
Experience matters
You’ll be glad our specialists are veterans. As with critical services, experience plays a huge role in successful outcomes. At Coastal Labs, our experts can help guide your decision making to minimize risk while maximizing profits.

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We’re committed to your success. Over the years, we’ve helped businesses thrive and we look forward to discussing the potential and possibilities of making your business a success. Reach out for a free consultation!

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