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The CBD business is projected to grow exponentially as more and more people experience the dynamic benefits of cannabis. That potential has drawn hundreds of curious entrepreneurs to an already crowded marketplace. So, how do you stick out? Luckily, CBD speaks for itself, but it’s essential to buy quality, consistent ingredients from experienced extractors. Starting with responsibly sourced organic hemp, Coastal Labs uses clean methods to produce the finest CBD. Along with cannabidiol, we provide minor cannabinoid extractions for your brand’s tinctures, topicals, edibles, and other formulations.

Popular Products

Wholesale CBD

CBD Isolate
Isolate is pure CBD. Tasteless, odorless, and colorless, the crystalline powder is a blank slate for your creations. Its versatility, flexibility, affordability, and long shelf-life make isolate a popular choice for a multitude of products. We are one of the few labs that offer CBN and CBG isolate as well. All are THC-free!
This robust concentrate contains a hefty dose of CBD and other helpful cannabinoids. The light color makes distillate a great option for topicals, while its high potency and crystal resistant options are a perfect match for vape cartridges, tinctures, and edibles. We offer full spectrum distillate, broad spectrum distillate, and crystal resistant distillate.
Water Soluble CBD
Don’t be held back by oil-based formulation limitations! Water soluble CBD clears the roadblock that prevents brands from expanding their product diversity. Our team of experts created fully-dissolvable tasteless cannabinoids that don’t compromise potency to meet the growing demand for CBD beverages.

Blog Posts

The best way to know if you are purchasing high-quality bulk hemp is to ask a lot of questions. Each supplier should have access to the lab results but direct communication with the lab would be one step ahead. Whether you need a full spectrum distillate or a pure CBD isolate, finding the highest quality...

Cannabis concentrates are weighed and priced by the amount of active cannabinoids, usually measured in milligrams. Any amount of cannabinoids that is over 1 kilogram would be considered bulk or wholesale. Before you order bulk CBD, Distillate or Full Spectrum hemp oil, make sure you understand weights and potency. CBD isolate is measured by how...

Over 50 years have passed since scientists in Israel discovered the psychoactive molecule they called Tetrahydrocannabinol. This cannabis compound is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant. Some find relief from using high amounts of concentrated THC, but many people experience intense psychoactive effects that could even be hallucinogenic....

We focus only on extracting from the highest quality industrial hemp, and by combining that with the most talented extractors and state-of-the-art technology, purity becomes reality.

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Specialty Extractions
When made right, cannabidiol works wonders for the body and mind, but potency and quality are necessary for effectiveness. Our CBD starts with the highest quality hemp sourced from local Oregon farmers. Straight from nature to the lab, our seasoned technicians use industry-leading extraction methods to produce clean cannabinoid-dense distillate and pure CBD powder isolates.

We continue to expand our offerings to help establish your brand at the forefront of the cannabidiol movement. As cannabis consumers have become more CBD savvy, interest in minor cannabinoids and specialty oils has attracted attention.

Our bulk CBD products and coveted CBG and CBN concentrates include:

CBG, CBN and CBD Isolate Crystal Resistant Distillate Smokable Flower
CBG and CBN Distillate Crude Oil Feminized Seeds
Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate Winterized Crude
Full Spectrum Distillate Water Soluble CBD

Wholesale Distribution
Carving out your niche in the wellness space? We’ll supply your brand with premium bulk CBD ingredients that make a lasting impression. Our facility is equipped with the technology and manpower to satisfy high-volume orders. Transparency and timeliness are two of our most important values, which is why our quality-controlled products are delivered fast. Plus, our experienced team knows the in-and-outs of domestic and international shipping, so you receive your orders hassle-free.
Hemp Processing
Turn your biomass into quality CBD oil, or let us connect you to our agricultural partners. Our expert extractors can convert your raw material into crude and winterized oil or specialty extracts and isolates. All extractions are third-party tested and come with a detailed certificate of analysis, so you know exactly what’s in your product. Looking for plant matter only? We can connect you to our local farmers who specialize in cannabis genetics to breed healthy American hemp.


USDA Certified Organic
We are proud to be one of the few labs with the official USDA Certified Organic designations. The desirable organic seal differentiates your products on a crowded shelf of generic brands.
GMP Certified
We’re aware that the industry often faces criticism for its lack of federal oversight. We took it upon ourselves to achieve food-grade Good Manufacturing Practice certification to ensure we meet the gold standard in methodology, facilities, equipment, and safety for dietary supplements.
FDA Registered
All of our cutting-edge equipment is registered with the FDA, meaning it’s been inspected and approved for function and employee protection.
ISO Accredited
Our lab is ISO certified by A2LA, the highest level of testing competency in the industry. Our customers can feel confident our analytics testing provides dead-on precision and trustworthy results.

Why Choose Us?

A lab you can grow with
We built our facility with growth in mind so we can scale up together as your business blossoms.
Full Transparency
Feel confident about the quality and safety of your CBD ingredients. All of our extractions are third-party tested and come with a thorough certificate of analysis.
Time is of the essence
We value efficiency, which starts with products arriving on time. No matter how large or small, your orders will be there when you expect them.
Experience matters
Our scientists have been in the hemp business since the beginning. That expertise shows in our operations and the consistency of our quality extractions.

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